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Crowdin translation platform

I just discovered Crowdin, an online translation platform like Transifex. They also provide a free option for open source projects. I already created a project (see link below) and gave the translation interface a try. I must say that the interface that Crowdin provides is cleaner, more user-friendly, and less bloated. Crowdin will display useful pop-up messages if something seems wrong about your translation (e.g. your translation contains two spaces in a row) with options to fix it automatically. Also, their automated translations are pretty amazing.

Crowdin also comes with GitHub integration, which means that new translations are submitted automatically to GitHub, which saves me a lot of time having to manually download and merge the translations into the Git repository. What’s more, instead of having to manually upload the source files, Crowdin will automatically load the source files from the Git repository. All I have to do now is push the updated source files to the Git repository. When translations are made, all I have to do is approve the pull requests from Crowdin, which means that translations will be merged more quickly.

I’m seriously considering making the switch to Crowdin. I would love to get feedback from our translators regarding Crowdin. What are your thoughts on Crowdin? Are you willing to switch to Crowdin to do translation work?

It is better to switch to Weblate.

Weblate is a FLOSS platform while Crowdin is proprietary one. It would be more persuasive to readers if we use Weblate.


Agree with zerngjia.

Weblate is an awesome FLOSS web-based translation platform with a very active development. Notice that its hosting is free of charge for free software projects, so it is perfect for getgnulinux. It only takes creating an account in and request free hosting in


Thank you so much for your feedback @zerngjia and @rafaelff! I gave Weblate a try and I love it! The integration with GitHub works flawlessly. I like it even better than Crowdin’s integration. In the few hours that the project has been online, I’ve already received multiple translations. That’s impressive! I also did some translation work myself and I love the interface. It does a great job at spotting issues in translations and allowing you to fix these. Everything is very straightforward and the documentation is great as well.

I’m convinced that this is the platform we should be using. Please create and account at Weblate and contribute your translations!

If you see any room for improvement, please let me know! Don’t hesitate to start a new discussion!

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Top stuff. You did shut down the project on Crowdin right? I don’t want my work ending up there.
How did you learn about it in any other capacity than translators saying it should be avoided?

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@kingu Yes, I removed the Crowdin project yesterday.

I recently applied Material Design to the website. I stumbled upon Crowdin here: