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Help improve

There are several ways you can help improve


Our project,, is fully internationalized. You can start translating online within a few clicks — read more to get started.

Some very fine web material

We are nuts about accessibility, simplicity and clarity. We want to have less words, more space into what thousands first see when searching for “Linux”.

You can help us reach world-class quality, with improved graphics, better wording, clearer illustrations, better coding. The project code is hosted on GitHub where you can report issues or suggest improvements. Bug reports of all kinds are appreciated.

More ways to help

If you look for more exciting things to work on, we have plenty of areas where you could have leg space for creativity and autonomous work.

We are still lacking (human) resources to work on the following topics:

  • CSS mastership. We’re maniac about accessibility and legibility, but could still do better. Improving font rendition, making sure things will display fine when we release a certain translation, adapting to mobile devices browsers, are things we’re constantly improving.
  • Hacking. Our website is written in PHP, Javascript, and HTML. We are not experts in any of those technologies, so there is enough room for improvement and optimization in that area. You can also help with fixing bugs or make suggestions.
  • Multi-cultural expertise. If you know what it takes to reach the Japanese community, or how to best manage cross-border variations in languages — well, you can educate us!

If you think you can help, feel free to start working, make yourself known, and we’ll hand you the keys. Hundreds of daily visitors will benefit from your skills, and you’ll get eternal gratitude from the rest of us!